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Risk Controversies visualized

The Development of Internet based Argumentation Maps

Last Update: Oct. 5th 2011

New brochure (german version) available online.

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Approaching Risk Controversies

The aim of the reseach project is to develop an internet based visualisation of risk related controversies as argumentation maps on the basis of two exemplary case studies: dietary supplements and nanoscale particles.

These argumentation maps will be developed by an interdisciplinary research team of sociologists, natural scientists, computer scientists as well as partners and advisors from industry, poltics and academia. With these agrumentation maps users will be provided with detailed information about public debats on risks concerning dietary supplements and nanoscale particles. Main focus will be given on showing a broad overview of the most commonly discussed arguments and matters of dispute within the case studies mentioned above. Different perspectives and opinions of participated and affected poltical, industrial and public actors as well as social groups will be presented in particular. This information will also be completed by documents and reference texts as well as basic information about risk related substances.

The research project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) within the social ecological research (SÖF) programme "Strategies to Cope with Systemic Risks". The project is accomplished by the Munich Institute for Social and Sustainability Research (MPS) and the Environment Science Center (WZU) at the University of Augsburg (WZU) in cooperation with the Software and Consulting GmbH (SoUCon).

Since 2008 the Risk-Cartography is part of the far reaching EU-Project MACOSPOL - Mapping Controversies on Science for Politics . The Project is coordinated by Bruno Latour, Sciences Po, Paris.